Jamie & Her Horses Riata, April & Satin | North Carolina Equine Photographer | Fayetteville NC

Last summer I held a model call on my people portrait business page Amanda Delgado Photography and met Jamie! We went out towards Gray’s Creek, just east of Fayetteville North Carolina for her equine photography session!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0001

Jamie is a super sweet girl who works on a lot of Natural Horsemanship with her horses. This is her favorite horse Riata, an American Quarter Horse (registered AQHA) mare who is undergoing training.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0002

They were super playful towards each other and a bit sassy, but I loved it! They are so cute together!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0003

As I watched them interact with each other it was easy to see how much they loved each other.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0004

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0005

Riata and Jamie met because Riata was in for training at her barn, but it was easy to see their bond and Riata’s owners gave her to Jamie for Christmas in 2010! Talk about a perfect Christmas gift!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0006


They make such a beautiful pair!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0008

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0009

As Jamie was changing horses, I snagged this cute picture of a Tennessee Walking Horse mare. I love her color!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0010

Next Jamie brought out her Tennessee Walking Horse April.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0011

April was so calm and relaxed the entire time I was shooting her. It is clear that she has an amazing foundation!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0012

The more I got to talk to Jamie, the more I was so impressed with her! She has several degrees and was working on another!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0013

She also does some photography and after looking through some of her photos I am impressed! She hopes to be able to open up her own photography business one day.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0014

I love this one of her and April! So much love!!

Ok ya’ll. When Jamie brought out this next horse I was in tears. Jamie brought out the cutest flea-bitten Arabian named Satin out, and she looked so much like my Arabian Rose that it brought tears to my eyes!

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0015

As if I wasn’t already on the verge of crying, Satin was the first horse Jamie ever rode.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0016

Satin was Jamie’s babysitter, her best friend growing up. Although Satin is now in her 30s, she seemed to have her attention on Jamie the entire time.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0017

Jamie has so much love for Satin. Nothing beats giving a horse that you can no longer ride a place to retire and spend the last days of it’s life in green pastures and given lots of love.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0018

At this point I had a few tears watching Jamie and Satin interact together.

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0019

Southern Pines NC Horse Photography_0020

It was wonderful hanging out with Jamie and getting to know her and the accomplished horsewoman that she is. She views her horses as her children and knows the special qualities of each one. I love working with people as passionate about horses as Jamie.  I think the horse industry could learn a lot from people like her!



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