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Taryn and I have been talking about doing an equine shoot like this for a long time. She has had her horse Jennifer since she was a kid herself, and has given her horse a wonderful retirement.

North Carolina Equine Photography_0087

I looooooved these photos of Jennifer and her son Ricco. So cute!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0001

“Chance of Rain”, or Jenny looks pretty darn amazing for being 32!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0002

Taryn had groomed Jenny to the point she glowed! A horse photographer ‘s dream! <3

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0003

Next we got some pictures with Taryn’s daughter Brynn. We got some laughs in!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0004

A picture perfect family! Love these!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0005

Brynn is so darn cute. Every time I go to that barn she is on or around the horses!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0006

She is so dang cute! Oh my goodness! Talk about pure joy!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0007

Taryn fox hunts and does a lot of hunter jumper. She is an instructor at Windsor Farm and teaches so many young girls. It is a wonderful barn!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0008

Taryn is very active in animal rescues. She has done one of the best things that she possibly could by giving Jenny a great home and retirement. So many horses aren’t as lucky as Jenny is!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0015

Brynn has definitely inherited her mom’s love of animals!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0016

When we were shooting it was SO DANG WINDY! We battled high gusts of wind during these sets!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0017

I loooooooooooooved that photo of Taryn and Jenny! You can see the love in Taryn’s eyes for her mare!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0018

You can tell that they are close and have that once in a lifetime bond!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0019

Then we add Brynn and everything gets cuter!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0020

Love all the monkeying around!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0021

Taryn is already teaching Brynn what it takes to be a great horsewoman. She is setting such a great example to her!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0022

After we were done, we let Jenny into her pasture and let her eat. Brynn fed her of course. <3

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0023

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0024

By far my favorite from this session! Isn’t Brynn ADORABLE?!

North Carolina Horse Photographer_0025

Sessions like these are always bittersweet, but Taryn and Jenny’s was especially so. They have been together over 20 years and have a deep bond together. It is so wonderful meeting responsible horse owners who not only provide their horse a home, but provide an amazing retirement to live out the rest of their days. The Garrett family is a shining example of that!



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