SCQHA Queen Amy Brown | South Carolina Equine Photography | Augusta, SC

I drove down to the Hippodrome Equine Complex in North Augusta, South Carolina to photograph the 2016 SCQHA Queen Coronation back in June. I was pretty excited to hang out around the SCQHYA show and see some awesome Quarter Horses.

After a lengthy drive, I grabbed my gear and headed for the arena. I was going to be looking for Amy and her big red roan, Red and as soon as I stepped inside, I instantly knew who they were!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (2)

I was so excited to photograph the pair together. We were going to have a little mini session at the show grounds after her coronation.

NCQHA Equine Photographer (3)

Ima Shifty Goodbar, aka Red is a stunning American Quarter Horse. What surprised me was how mature and level headed we was despite his age. He was so relaxed and down for whatever, just like his owner Amy!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (5)

Amy was so fun to hang out with too. We laughed and joked, and talked an awful lot about our horses.

NCQHA Equine Photographer (6)

Amy was so laid back and I was impressed with how well Amy and Red worked with each other!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (7)

I loved how passionate Amy was about her upcoming benefit show, the 2nd Annual Gold Ribbon Open Horse Show, which Amy managed and put together to help kids with cancer. All of the proceeds went to NC4K, and they raised over $2,000!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (8)

Amy is sweet, funny, and hard working! We talked about the upcoming All American Quarter Horse Queen Contest and how she was preparing for it.

NCQHA Equine Photographer (9)

Amy truly loves the quarter horse breed and is so intent on promoting AQHA and the equestrian lifestyle.

NCQHA Equine Photographer (10)

Amy is so dang humble too. Amy and Red often take circuit champion awards and high point awards in the shows that they go to. Talk about talent!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (11)

NCQHA Equine Photographer (12)

I had such a blast photographing these two! Red was so charming and sweet, and I felt like I had known Amy forever. These two will do great things!!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (13)

We talked about upcoming shows, her new horse Tall Dark and Krymsun. We joked around, a LOT. Hahaha it was definitely one of my favorite sessions to date!

NCQHA Equine Photographer (14)

I know Amy will be AMAZING at Congress this year, and I truly believe she is an amazing representation of what the AQHA Queen should be.


Check out her Facebook Page HERE and give her lots of love ya’ll! <3


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