Brittany & Spartan | North Carolina Equine Photography | Yelm, Washington

This North Carolina Horse Photographer got the chance to travel to the Pacific Northwest out in Washington State! While I was there I had the awesome privilege of photographing Brittany and Spartan.

NC Equestrian Photographer

Brittany was a high school senior and wanted to do her senior pictures with her horse! I was all for that!

NC Equestrian Photographer

When I first met Spartan, I couldn’t get over how massive this horse was. He was built like a tank! They think he is some sort of Quarter Horse mix!

NC Equestrian Photographer

When Brittany walked out to the barn to catch him, he saw her and quickly made his way to the gate. He was sure eager for whatever she had planned for him!

NC Equestrian Photographer

Brittany competes on the Rein’n Rowdies Drill Team with Spartan. I’ve seen them practice, they are pretty great!

NC Equestrian Photographer

Brittany was one of those types of girls where you could say whatever you wanted about her, but you did NOT talk smack about her horse. He is truly her best friend!


I could tell that these two had that rare, deep bond. They were most comfortable around each other!


I got to see the two work together too. It was amazing how in sync they were with each other. They truly seemed as one!


Doesn’t she look so happy and free?! <3 <3 <3


Brittany and Spartan looked so great together. They really take care of each other!


Spartan did whatever she asked of him. I could tell he trusted her with his life and absolutely adored her.


Not too long after our session together, Brittany and Spartan had a drill meet together. They were doing well when a horse collided with them, sending them both into the air.


Spartan fell on top of Brittany, and you can see in the video how he arched his back and rolled a certain way to keep his weight off of her.


He got up and looked for her, panicked in the chaos. That was HIS girl.


Miraculously, Brittany and Spartan were ok. In fact, she hopped up on him and finished the drill. Talk about cowgirl up!


These two are tough, determined, and above all put each other first. It is amazing to see!


They love each other with all their might and when they are together, you can see the rest of the world melt away from around them.


It is rare, but they are truly, 110%, the best of friends and have that unshakeable bond only a few of us are privileged to experience.


There is something else that is super special about Brittany; she’s my younger sister! I remember the days she was on a little mini, trotting and bouncing around the yard.


Now she is on this beast of a horse and has turned into an amazing rider and horsewoman. I am so proud of her!


She always gushed about how amazing Spartan was, but seeing him and seeing them together it really clicked. He was that ol’ dependable, that horse you never have to worry about.


He was that horse that was her ultimate teammate, calmly going through drill after drill with her. He even did some gaming and competitions with her WAHSET team!


They have really grown together and I am so honored to have been able to see their friendship so intimately.


We all have that horse that builds us. The one who make us greater, stronger. The one that makes us feel loved, cared for, and important. The one who nickers for us at the gate when they see us walk up. The one who is eager to spend time together. The one who is always by our side, no matter the task. The one who teaches us so much about being a horsewoman, about life. Spartan is that horse for Brittany. There couldn’t be a more perfect match for each other.


Here is to Brittany and Spartan, her beloved “Moose”. <3





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