How to Get Ready for your Equine Photoshoot

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So if you follow me on Instagram you saw that last week I had a session with my own horse Athena. I posted live stories of what I did to get ready for my photo shoot and promised to compile everything into a blog post for you, so here it is!

Getting ready for any photography session is hard, but throw a horse in there too and things get crazy complicated. Last year I had a session with my horse Athena and it felt like I did everything wrong. I ended up running so late that I only had about 30 minutes of shooting time with my horse. It felt so terrible that after I prepared for so long, spent so much money on outfits, makeup, and the session I still ended up slightly disappointed (with no fault to the photographer). I hadn’t properly prepared, and I never wanted anyone to go through what I just went through ever again.

So this year I did things completely different and learned from my many, many mistakes. The session was amazing thanks to my detailed preparation and I want to share this knowledge and experience so you can have a phenomenal session with your horse too!

Click below to check out my video on how to get ready for your photo shoot with your horse and all my tips and tricks to make your session awesome!


I also created a getting ready checklist guide (with all of my tips as a bonus!) so that way you can print it out and use it to check off everything as you get ready for your session. Signup below to receive your free copy!

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A special thank you to my amazing photographer Lauren Blaha Photography, my lovely assistant Meghan, the super talented Brittany from Sunshine Artistry for my tan, and to my awesome husband Juan! Without these three, my session would not have turned out so great!

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