Through years of both equine and photography experience, SHP is dedicated to providing a totally exceptional, safe and customized portrait experience. I have created four different photography experiences based on your unique needs and have selected the highest quality products so that you can enjoy your photographs for generations to come. The process is extremely easy, from the start with booking your appointment to the end as I walk you through the ordering process. Each session type includes its own welcome guide that includes tips to make your session a success, details of packages and products, and frequently asked questions.

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We all believe we have the world's most beautiful horse, and none of us are wrong. Equine Portrait Sessions highlight your horse's grace, beauty, and spirit through photography by just focusing on your horse during a quick session. Often called "black background sessions", these custom sessions usually take place within a barn aisle or indoor arena. Depending on your personal preference and style, sessions can include a more modern solid black background, a classic studio look with lights and a backdrop, or a more natural outside background. These sessions focus on simplicity, creating timeless and classy images for you to display in your home for years to come.

I believe every passionate equestrian should have stunning artwork of their horse in their home and therefore offer several packages to fit a variety of budgets.

packages include:

• Custom session unique to your horse.
• Several flattering poses. 
• Black Background with barn aisle or indoor areana.
• Portable Studio with Lights and Backdrop Available. 
• Welcome Guide that includes Grooming Tips.
• Online gallery to order from.
• Print Products with every package.
• High Resolution Images
• Barn discounts available with 3+ horses.

Packages start at $199

Please contact me for more information and detailed pricing.

our most popular session!

package includes:

  • 2 hours of shooting time 
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Ideal for 1-2 horses  
  • 100+ Edited Images
  • High Resolution Digital Download of all Edited Images ($1500 value)
  • $750 print credit
  • 20% off additional products
  • Mobile App


($2,500 value)

What are your promotion and sales images telling people?

People tend to make a judgement based on your horse within a few seconds. Do your photos reflect your professionalism, confidence, and trustworthiness? Or do they show that you are hurried, cheap, and possibly inexperienced? Or worse, do they not show the horse in the best light possible, making it look disproportional or sickly? By investing a small amount towards professional portraits designed to make your horse shine you are leaving the best possible impression on those considering your horse.

These sessions are designed to promote your horse for sales, breeding,  publications, and printed material. Stand out from the crowd with professional photographs of your horse.

packages include:

• Custom session to your horse.
• Breed specific conformation shots. 
• Location of your choice.
• Welcome Guide that includes sales and grooming tips.
• Online gallery to order from.
• Removal of lead ropes or background distractions.
• High Resolution Images
• Barn discounts available with 3+ horses.

Packages start at $149

Please contact me for more information and detailed pricing.

Image Boxes

These completely custom image boxes holds up to 100 5x7 prints from your session. The box iteself is customized with the image of your choice on the cover, your name on the spine, and a cute pattern with over 25 to choose from on the back. They are the perfect display item!

Mobile App

All sessions come with a custom mobile app so you can show off your favorite images to your friends! They include an icon with the image of your choice and unlimited installations. It is one of the easiest ways to share your photos on social media!


These gorgeous albums make a wonderful display piece on coffee tables. Each album includes a vegan leather spine and back cover and your favorite image on the front. There are six different vegan leather options such as black, dark brown, light brown, grey, teal, and hot pink. The album is 20 pages, holding a custom design of your favorite 35-45 images. Each page is thick and features a lay flat spine to ensure longevity.


Our wall prints come in a variety of sizes and are printed on crystal carchive lustre paper. All prints larger than an 11x14 are mounted to ensure they last for years to come.
Custom framing is also available.


Our handcrafted fine art canvases are designed to display in your home for years to come. Our canvases are ready to be displayed immediately within the home and make fantastic statement pieces. Several sizes are available to be used as a single canvas or a gallery collection.

What are your prices?

Session price varies by session type, but clients normally spend between $500-$2100 on their horse and rider, equine portrait, or high school senior experience. Most clients choose to break up their balance into monthly payment plans.

No minimum print purchase is required.

When is everything due?

There is a $100 retainer due with your signed contract in order to reserve your session date. This retainer will be applied to your package. Whichever package you choose can be broken up into a payment plan. Your images and products will be delivered with the balance is paid in full.

Do you travel?

Yes! All photo sessions located outside of Moore, Cumberland, or Lee counties will be subjected to a traveling fee.

I have traveled as far as Illinois, Utah, Georgia, and Washington state for photography work so I am always ready to travel and experience somewhere new!

Can you edit this out?

Every photo is hand edited to ensure everything looks wonderful. I will edit out your blemishes, fly aways, and brighten eyes and teeth. On horses, I will edit out any knicks, scars or fly aways. Occassionaly I will edit a horse's ears forward if I cannot get it in camera. I will also edit out extra lead ropes or distracting background items. If you have multiple horses I can usually edit them together in a black background image.

Please understand that although I do my best to edit things as best as possible, however I cannot make a dirty horse look clean. The cleaner you get your horse the more he will shine in the pictures! 

Things I will not edit are editing people's weight or changing a horse's conformation for sale ads. I feel this is dishonest and makes a person feel worse rather than better. Do not worry though, I am an expert at posing both you and your horse in the most flattering way possible!

How far in advance should I book my session?

I take pride on spending time with each client and offering them the best service I can, and therefore only take a few sessions per month. I am usually booked 2 months in advance, with March-May and September-November filling up the quickest. I try my best to work with those with immediate availablity so feel free to contact me with the date you have in mind!

When will my images be ready?

Depending on your package, most galleries are ready in about 3-4 weeks. After they are finished I will upload them to a gallery for you to choose and order your print products. Your products will be available within 2-3 weeks after ordering and all payments are paid in full.

Can I post my images online?

Of course you can post all images that you have purchased online! If you are super happy with your photos, I do ask that you tag my business Southern Horse Photography in the description or in the picture!

My horse is very spirited. How can I get my horse ready?

I recommend that you lunge your horse down until they are tired. For whatever reason as soon as we leave the immediate barn area and bring out the camera, horses have SO much more energy. It is best to work them out before the session. After you are done working them down, start getting him/her show ready.

Where will we do the session?

Just about every session I do is at the barn the horse is kept at. Even if you think your barn is ugly, it is one of my talents to find beauty in any situation!

For high school seniors and families, I have a list of wonderful locations that we can go to.

What should I wear or bring to my session?

FOR YOU: Most of my clients choose to wear show clothing, a casual outfit, and a dressy outfit. Your welcome guide will include a what to wear guide that helps you decide what to wear. Be sure to bring lipstick, a towel, water, a snack, lots of jewelry, shoes, a brush/comb, and powder foundation.

FOR YOUR HORSE: Whatever you do to get your horse show ready, I highly recommend you do that. Whether it is braiding/banding, clipping, or putting in a tail extension. Also be sure to bring any tack you want to use during your session. I highly recommend leather halters and bridles over nylon. Don't forget the fly spray and your horse's favorite treats!

Why is there no availability on Sundays?

We all need a down day. I reserve my Sundays for worship and spending valuable time with my husband. In extreme circumstances I can with you if Sundays are your only option. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss this!

Can I bring someone with me?

Not only can you bring someone with you, I highly encourage it! They can help keep your horse calm and in a safe situation so you can focus on yourself. This can be a family member, trainer, friend, spouse, etc.

Should I use a professional hair and makeup artist?

I highly, HIGHLY encourage it! Photography makeup is very different from regular makeup. I can bring my hair and makeup artist to the session if you do not have one.

If you are not going to use a hair and makeup artist, put your foundation on thicker than usual and definitely be sure to grab some lipstick!

Booking your session with Southern Horse Photography is very simple!

1. CONTACT ME HERE  OR email me at and let me know what session you are interested in.

2. I will send you a detailed welcome guide with information about that session type including pricing.

3. Choose your package.

4. Complete the contract and pay retainer to reserve your date.

That is it! Be sure to contact me as soon as possible as I fill up fast! I cannot wait to work with you and meet your lovely horse(s)!